Frequently Asked Questions

How do I export Signups/Contacts?

You can export subscribers using the “Export” button on your signups page.
To get to the signups page for a particular form, just select your form from the top menu dropdown and then, once it loads, press “Signups” in the top menu.
To export all signups, just go to All Signups Page (while logged in) and press the “Export” button.

I have Mailchimp integrated. Why are my signups showing in Upscribe but not Mailchimp?

Upscribe saves your signups immediately after they submit your form. Mailchimp, on the other hand, does not add your subscriber until they have responded to the Mailchimp double opt-in process. To learn how to skip this process please see the “How do I skip Mailchimp’s double opt-in process?” FAQ item on this page.

How do I skip Mailchimp’s double opt-in process?

Kindly navigate to your account page and select the checkbox beside “Skip double opt-in process (Mailchimp)” and then press Save Changes.

How do I embed my form on Medium?

You can easily embed your signup form on Medium by doing the following:

  1. Copy your form URL
  2. Paste into Medium story
  3. Press ENTER (don’t forget this step!)
  4. Wait 1 second…boom

Here is another nifty explanation…

Why am I seeing a “Do not track” notice covering my embedded form?

Some ad and analytics companies watch what you do online, and then tailor the web experience based on your history. That means targeted ads, specific articles, etc. They usually do this via browser cookies. Upscribe fully supports DNT mode and will not track you if you have it set in your browser (here’s how to turn it on and off)

If you are seeing the DNT alert then your form needs to be refreshed. You can do this by removing and re-embedded the form into your blog post/page.

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